Who We Are

In 2009, 3 friends set out on an adventure. The first make or break mission took place at the APF exhibition, we were proud of our small plot kitted out with little more than a selection of tools, a folding table and a gazebo! At the exhibit we were overwhelmed by the product interest and support we received from professionals.

Fast forward – where are we today?

CEuk is now recognised as one of the main distributor specialists, sourcing cutting-edge products for outdoor professionals.

We focus on being the best at what we do and not necessarily the biggest. We are committed to developing performing products that offer genuine value for money with a service that goes the extra mile. Every product supplied has a professional guarantee and a back up to readily available spare parts giving you product longevity.

CEuk has developed new tools that bolster the range available. In addition, CEuk has partnered with various hidden gem brands to bring to the UK further premium grade products. Stallion telescopic polesaws have become a flagship pruning saw for the arboricultural and forestry industries, winning various awards including Best Woodland Tool Awards.

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Christopher Gottfried
Founder of CEuk