Stallion 6.3m Telescopic Pruning Polesaw

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The flagship Stallion, the Stallion 6.3m telescopic pruning polesaw is extremely popular with professionals and built for secure high reach tree pruning whilst operating safely from the ground. The Stallion 6.3m telescopic pruning polesaw has an exceptional reaching capacity starting at 2.3m with an overall extending length to 6.3m giving you extremely long access to prune branches at varying heights in the canopy. Featuring a 3 part oval profile aluminium pole set with multiple extending telescopic points and 2 locking clamps that gives added user control and secure extension fastening even at full reach.

Stallion telescopic polesaws feature robust 400mm high carbon tool steel blades with serrated hard-chrome plated tips, designed to bite hard and cut smoothly to leave a clean branch finish.

A sickle blade is built into the Stallion blade design. This can be used to score the underside of the branch before cutting the main branch, which helps minimise the bark from tearing and splitting when the main branch is close to cut completion. A hooked sharp blade nose at the tip keeps the blade in place whilst cutting and cleans a branch cut on the final pull.

Designed to cut only on the pull stroke, the weighted curved blade profile helps with cutting control and reduces the amount of effort exerted by the user to produce the desired cut.

Stallion 6.3m telescopic pruning polesaws come complete with a 3 part pole, curved blade, blade bracket and scabbard.


  • Telescopic 3-part oval pole with contoured rubber grip handle
  • 400mm high carbon SK4 tool steel blade
  • The blade is quenched in oil with impulse hardened teeth to enhance durability
  • 5mm tooth pitch
  • Hard chrome plated for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Curvature ground blade design reduces resistance giving a smoother clean cut
  • Finely polished and easily wipe clean (proceed with caution when carrying out blade maintenance)
  • Long-lasting tool with spare parts available and easily replaceable


  • Cutting capacity: from small branches up to logs and tree limbs 10” in diameter
  • Weight: 2.75kg
  • Blade length: 400mm
  • Overall length: 2.3m extending to 6.3m

Common spare part code:

Spare blade – CU-47BS

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