CEuk Chainsaw Universal File Sharpening Kit

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Files, holders, guides and gauges. Maintain chainsaw blades and keep tools sharp in the workshop and on the go with this portable file sharpening kit. Compact and fitted with the most useful and practical tools inside a canvas storage pouch. This kit includes everything you need to keep chainsaws and other tools in good condition. The chainsaw universal file sharpening kit includes three round chain files (1x 5/32″, 1x 3/16″, 1x 7/32″), a 6″ flat file, a secure and release file guide holder with engraved filing angles to assist with file angle placement, metal solid depth gauge, quick check depth gauge tool, bar groove cleaner and a universal handle for all included files. All wrapped up in a visible and durable canvas pouch bag with velcro strap closure.


  • 1x chainsaw round file – 5/32″ 4.0mm
  • 1x chainsaw round file – 3/16 4.8mm
  • 1x chainsaw round file – 7/32″ 5.5mm
  • 1x 6″ flat file
  • File guide holder with engraved filing angles guidance
  • Metal depth gauge
  • Quick check depth gauge tool
  • Bar groove cleaner
  • Universal handle
  • Canvas pouch bag with velcro strap closure

Check out our chainsaw file guide for more information.

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