Bison 1879 Outdoor Hatchet 380mm 700g

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The outdoor companion. The Bison Outdoor hatchet is perfectly balanced, handy in size to fit in a rucksack or comfortably attaching to a Bison belt loop when outdoors. The handforged slim axe head profile and sharp cutting edge enable branches and kindling to be cut easily.

The contoured handle is balanced in the hand, giving the user comfort whilst in use. A useful shaping of the hickory wood handle end allows the user to grab very far back allowing firm slamming for splitting and chopping firewood. If the user places their hand behind the axe head, it fulfills a variety of detailed and intricate tasks such as carving shavings, sharpening sticks or making feathersticks.

The cutting edge is sharply ground, whilst the hickory handle is double wedged for maximum safety.


  • Hand-forged with traditional craftsmanship in Germany
  • Grade A quality industrial tool steel for long durability
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Hickory wood handle 380mm
  • Double safety wedging
  • Hatchet axe head weight 700g
  • Complete with high quality Bison trademark leather blade guard
  • Iconic Bison pendant made from stainless steel included
  • Designed for the outdoors, camping, trekking and forest pursuits

Bison 1879 originates from the family tradition of master-smith Moritz Trept, a tradition that later became Bison, the company. Today Bison is renowned for producing individually unique, hand-forged axes and forestry tools. Assorted hickory wood handles add to the distinct individual look and will vary between tool made. The natural colour of hickory wood varies between a very light beige to a darker more reddish tone. The colour has no effect on the quality or usability of the handle, in fact, a lot of customers value this natural colour scheme giving their axe an authentic uniqueness. The assembly of the head and handle uses 2 safety wedges for hatchets and 3 safety wedges for axes. The wedges lock firmly into the wood to secure the axe head. The handle is slightly thicker than the axe head diameter, this is necessary to get a strong and safe fitting during assembly. Bison handles are fitted using high pressure and during assembly there may be some splinters. A light sandpaper easily removes these. Hand-forged, crafted tools with authentic individuality is what differentiates Bison 1879.

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