Throwpod Throw Weight 8oz/225g Pink

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Designed by climbers, for climbers. Save time and exerted effort when placing rope lines in the canopy with Throwpod.

The aerodynamic Throwpod 8oz is environmentally friendly, lead free and supports climbers with easier line placement. The streamlined missile body profile of the Throwpod gives you increased precision, slipping easily through the canopy whilst reducing the risk of snagging or getting stuck. The aerodynamic shape also provides users with greater height gain when required.

Made in the UK from durable rubber with a marine grade stainless steel eye bolt and a fluorescent tip making it easy to spot in the canopy.

Suitable for all throwing types – the cradle or the one handed throw.


  • Marine grade stainless steel with durable outer rubber casing for a long-lasting life.
  • Weight: 8oz / 225g

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