Trojan 310 Pruning Handsaw

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Trojan 310 handsaws feature high carbon tool steel blades with hard-chrome plated tips that produce a smooth clean finish and stay sharper for longer. The straight blade is convenient for pruning in tight access spaces, coppicing and also cuts branches quick and easy by arboricultural professionals whilst in the tree.

Whether you are pruning in the tree or on the ground, your handsaw storage is covered with a secure saw-to-scabbard locking fit. Built-in scabbard rollers allow the blade to smoothly slide in and out for user safety and prolonged life of the scabbard.

Designed to cut only on the pull stroke, this pruning technique requires less physical effort and reduces the strain on the user’s forearm. The sharp teeth do the work cutting through stems and branches fast.


  • ABS resin contoured handle with non-slip grip
  • 310mm high carbon SK4 tool steel blade
  • The blade is quenched in oil with impulse hardened teeth to enhance durability
  • 3.75mm tooth pitch with 7.5 teeth per 30mm
  • Hard chrome plated for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Curvature ground blade design reduces resistance giving a smoother clean cut
  • Finely polished and easily wipe clean (proceed with caution when carrying out blade maintenance)
  • Long-lasting tool with spare parts available and easily replaceable


  • Cutting capacity: from small branches up to logs and tree limbs 8” in diameter
  • Weight: 210g
  • Blade length: 310mm
  • Overall length: 480mm

Common spare part code:

  • Spare blade – LX-310-1

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