Root Assassin One Shot Shovel 43″

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One Shot Shovel by Root Assassin is designed for moving soil, gravel and sand in one shot. The patented ‘wings’ of the unique shovel are designed for carrying larger amounts of material without excess spillage off the sides. It’s simple, the shovel cuts work time and effort moving material. The One Shot Shovel is proven to hold 25% more material than a standard shovel.

Ideal for trenching and cutting layers of soil (sod) in one shot with the added benefits of a cleaner and neater shovelling job.


  • Profiled steel round point shovel head and patented ‘Wings’ increase the strength of the shovel blade
  • Lightweight and strong fibreglass shaft for superior strength
  • Extra-large foot support for those tough digging jobs
  • Durable comfort D grip rubber non-slip handle
  • Ridged step for secure foot placement when digging


  • Weight: 2.04kg / 4.5lbs
  • Length: 1.09m / 43”

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