Leyat Compact Oscillating Sprinkler

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Stable and efficient hydration of your lawn area.

The Leyat compact oscillating sprinkler is designed with an extremely precise rotating gear movement system with solid qualities for a long lasting product life.


  • Extremely precise gear movement
  • Coverage up to 4295 Sq ft (399m2)
  • Sliding tabs allow for simple range adjustment
  • 19 durable nozzles
  • Needle plug included for nozzle cleaning and maintenance
  • Patented and sleek carbon fibre pattern surface
  • Simple on & off thumb adjuster with integrated control valve and soft coated grip
  • Strong metal construction for long life
  • Specially coated for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Long-lasting tool with spare parts available and easily replaceable


  • Maximum pressure use: 8 bars
  • Water saving to 40%

Leyat watering products have been manufactured to extremely high standards with an internal body, regulation valve and connector all made of steel. Combine this with rigorous testing in the Alps where the water column is large and the pressure on the valve is beyond the usual limits.

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