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Who We Are

In 2009, 3 friends set out on an adventure. The first make or break mission took place at the APF exhibition, we were proud of our small plot kitted out with little more than a selection of pruning handsaws, a folding table and a gazebo! From our previous experience in the trade, we knew that there were few pruning handsaw options that performed, yet were available at a reasonable price. At the exhibit we were overwhelmed by the product interest and support we received from professionals in the arboricultural and forestry industries.

We took on board all the feedback and decided it was time to take the products to the next level. We realised that our best opportunity to expand came from distributing the products through a network of authorised stockists. Several calls a day to chief buyers and top bosses led to meetings across the country. We would rent a car and head on our way to drum up retailer interest, which gave our end users closer and instant access to our products. This is where it all really began!
So where are we today? With a rapidly expanding network of authorised stockists across the country, CEuk is recognised as one of the main specialists in outdoor professional products. We have continually listened to our customers and acted upon feedback to improve our existing products and identify new products which offer more benefits than those currently on the market.

Our Cutting-Edge Saws brand of Trojan Handsaws and Stallion Telescopic Polesaws are leading the way in providing arborists, foresters, orchard growers and garden enthusiasts with performing pruning equipment. Root Assassin Shovels have been a huge success with a wide range of satisfied customers in landscaping, fencing, arb and forestry, not to mention the Metal Detector Hobbyists who use the Root Assassin Shovel for unearthing treasure without disturbing the landscape. We also distribute Rock Exotica climbing hardware, Sawpod and Wolfcraft Sawhorses & Logstores.
So what do we want to achieve? We want to be the best at we do and not necessarily the biggest. Our aim is simple, to provide high quality equipment that offers genuine value for money with a service that goes that extra mile to give you a pleasing experience.

Catch up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, at the next exhibition or in-store.

Christopher Gottfried
Chief sorcerer of Cutting-Edge outdoor products for professional users and garden enthusiasts.