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Noble Handsaws

Engineered for the professional in 5 popular straight and curved blade lengths.

Tip: carefully apply light machine oil/WD40 to the blade before and after use to reduce the build-up of sap and debris.

Noble Folding Handsaw

Multi-purpose folding saw complete with secure locking release button for cutting control and user safety.

Usage: Recommended cut upto 3” (8cm) diameter.
Features: 180mm (18cm) high carbon tool steel blade. ABS Resin comfort grip handle.
Spec: 4mm (0.4cm) tooth pitch. 7 teeth per 30mm (3cm). Weight 215g. Impulse hardened and hard-chrome plated blade tips.
Length: Overall length 397mm (39.7cm)
Code: NF-180

Additional Blade code only: NF-180-1